Tuesday, July 20, 2010


  1. BAM! These are great! I'd love to see them in person...how big are they? What material are you using? The bottom one looks like an ice storm that just swallowed up a house.

  2. AH! Thank you for checking them out. The painting is about 1' by 1'. The drawing is quite large, but I'm not sure of the precise dimensions. I use acrylic and charcoal in my paintings...not only because I am without proper ventilation and am the owner of a kitty, but it just lends itself to the way I work.

    I'm having a show at First Baptist Church on July 29th @ 6pm. It's for a mural that I did there, but other work will be on display. I'd like to get together and look at your work sometime though! I've only seen the piece that Shana has, and I adored it.