Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I tried to tell myself it's only music"

So I was sitting with a friend, listening to one of my favorite bands (Mum). I remembered commenting on a fellow student's artwork-it looked like music of the band CocoRosie...later coming to find they are one of her favorite bands. I'd like to make art that affects in a similar way to music. When I listen to certain bands, I feel like I'm traveling to an ethereal landscape. I started asking my friend about her favorite bands and if it shows up in her work. I noticed how a few of our noted favorites were quite different. What does this mean in terms of artwork?

If I say that I'd like to make art that affects in a similar way to that pretentious? Or should a certain amount of choices in ones work come from their own personal tastes? If not, is it better to connect/learn about others by citing references to preferences (whether it be to colors, music, films) that you are not a fan of? I guess, as in everything there should be balance. I'm just trying to figure it out. AKA-I'm procrastinating.


  1. Ohhh the first part made me think of a musician, Robert Schneider, and how his approach to music wasn't just making a song, he was trying to create a room in the song. Or maybe that's backwards. He wanted the song to create a room. A very physical sounding room in a very real place in time. An environment. So that he wasn't just capturing the sound at the time but the whole experience. He produced both of the Neutral Milk Hotel albums and an Olivia Tremor Control album, if you're familiar with them. I had only read recently about how this was his approach to producing music but it's something that I always thought about those albums.

    Sorry I just like posted the longest comment ever hah

  2. If you haven't read Kandinsky's "On the Spiritual in Art," now's the time. :)

  3. I have it and am reading it too slowly. I'll add that to my winter break reading list! Thanks for reminding me K!