Monday, May 11, 2009

This is Routine.


So I'm sitting at my kitchen table, writing a paper and eating a really hot, splenda-sticky sweet potato. I pick up something under the table, my head hitting my notebook with my po-tot on top. The potato falls in my hair. Pause. Notebook falls and my hair gets tangled in the spirals. I was on the phone with Amanda at the time...and she told me that sounded like a routine event for me.

Later...I'm crossing the street towards school. A car is speeding towards me as I'm on the crosswalk. I jump off my bike, my hanging suspenders get stuck under the seat and I drop my bike in front of the car. A girl walking behind me trips over my bike and gets her shoe lace stuck in the spokes.

Afternoon...Once again wandering, I see a shiztu walking all by himself down the sidewalk. I start calling towards him. A guy across the street looks at me, and precedes to chase the dog, thinking it belongs to me. So I run away. I don't know why.

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