Friday, May 1, 2009

Almost There.

I feel like it's summer already. Unfortunately all that means is I have a desire to do nothing but roam around Beverly with slow summer music in my mind. I'm pretty restless but hope to push myself back into a place where I can get some things accomplished. Once I can get out of my head and come back down to earth that is. I don't know why I keep isolating myself in my thoughts, but maybe it's necessary for me right now while I revise my artist statement. I obviously am the only one who can fully understand what it is that I believe in...these are the type of existential thoughts that I fearfully make myself accept daily. However, I still want to begin communicating my ideas as I once did in my notebook (hence the blog).

After schools out, I want to pursue intense adventurism! I'm talking about 20 mile walks again, concerts that bring me to another place, traveling to see friends, surfing, and lots of documentation.

I should probably go hang out with my neglected kitteh.

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