Friday, April 24, 2009

Tonight, tonight.

Sense of possibility is heightening. It's getting warmer and brighter out everyday. I walked 6 miles today. I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment. Isadora (my cat) is no longer having panic attacks over (or shall I say under) the noisy new neighbors. I'm finding things I've lost. This place is incredible. I have such a huge, sunlit studio. Right now the floors are covered in plastic cowboys & indians, paints, brushes, fabric and beads. Yes, I'm starting some new projects...which I'll be able to pursue with more energy and freedom once I feel completely settled. As for now, I'm going to try to calm down and relax as most of my course work is finished for the semester. For real. I'm going to attempt to not feel guilty for a short lack of productivity.

Oh, and today I found an article on a new film with Adam Goldberg,"Untitled"...It's a satire on the contemporary art world.

-From IMDb-Adam Goldberg plays the serious composer, whose work calls for paper crumpling, glass breaking and bucket kicking. Marley Shelton plays the gorgeous Chelsea gallerist, whose latest show features an artist who employs taxidermy and household objects. Further complicating the affair is the composers brother, whose highly commercial art work is the financial backbone of the gallery - is sold to corporate clients discreetly out of the gallery's back room.
So yeah, I can't wait to see this.